Canvas Creation

Home full of Happiness !!!

Come to think of it, happiness is not just about living….but living well ! Belief in open space and open mind….belief in dreams and sound sleep. That’s what constitutes happiness! Joy of life not measured in square feet but in the quality of life!.

Happiness Inside

Belief that family and friends are special, just like a few quiet moment you love to spend all by yourself. Belief that your child should run with a unfettered mind. Belief that’s the life facilities and necessities should be within reach. Now belief that you have found a place for home your deserve.

Because ,we belief that a good life is all about happiness.


Its hards to beat imagination and when you beat it,you creat something that set new benchmark for others to follow, we follow same imagination in creation of CANVAS CREATION which will become a symbol of life style statement in near future.

We have conceptualized the paradise of modern living keeping the hard core sensibility in mind that we are modern and we like the contemporary art of living.

PROJECT AT A GLANCE (Canvas creation at kursi deva road)

A fantastic location with comfortable life in our upcoming project The CANVAS CREATION. With 25-50 ft wider roads, it will be no congestion for the residents at any time. Modern layout with all amenities like rain water, security, electricity poles, wider roads, 4-6ft roadside pavements, green parks etc shall make The CANVAS CREATION, a very comfortable residential place ensuring everyone’s need and requirement.

Less than 10Kms from Barabanki Railway Station, 7 Kms from Deva Sharif and approximately 15 Kms from Bus station near Gudamba thana, Lucknow. The Canvas Creation will soon become one of the esteemed location to live a life, not too crowded nor too isolated, making your dream house come true. Planning to buy a land to build a house for yourself, saving it for your generation, or buying as an investment, whatever your reason may be, The Canvas Creation shall be a right choice for every single person who ever think to have their own house and plots.